Welcome to Wild Heart

Where we are reclaiming the vast landscape of everyday life as sacred



Welcome to Wild Heart

Where we are reclaiming the vast landscape of everyday life as sacred

Do you long for restorative ceremony that includes the body?

Rest is an essential ingredient to life. Especially during the height of summer when our rhythms are focused outward, it can be easy to over extend ourselves. Join Willow Brook for an evening of deep relaxation as we enter the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere when rest is as essential as ever, June 16th from 5-7pm.
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Wild Heart offers a tender refuge


We courageously dismantle false belief structures and embrace a more conscious life, expanding our capacity to be transformed by the sacred in all that life brings.


Our practices...

Mystical Teachings
Poetry & Writing
Song & Silence



Through mystical teachings, poetry, song, and writing, we deepen our connection to the divine, enriching our journey with ancient wisdom and profound beauty.


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 Are you yearning to discover the divine essence in the ordinary moments of your everyday life?

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Have you faced a profound loss that changes your very being?

We welcome those who yearn to turn toward their grief through inspiring teachings, song, poetry, and transformative writing.

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As a Wild Heart community dedicated to tending the heart broken open by grief, we are committed to showing up for what is ours to do as effective instruments of peace.

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Thank you for being with us in this Wild Heart community.