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Meditation on a Solar Eclipse

shattering Apr 08, 2024

Meditation on a Solar Eclipse
A Blessing for Holy Lament

Pinpoint of light
A tiny moon-shaped shadow of sun
Peering bravely, bashfully from a sheet of white paper
My Beloved, the day’s Dr. Who, captures the sun’s surrender
in a cardboard box
While we, Holy Lamenters, hurtle through space
In fragments so jagged
So luminous
That we defy the assumption
That we are one with the darkness
We know, we know
That we are the receding sun
And the infatuated moon
We gaze at it all
With eyes bright enough to perceive it all
The bold rays banished before the day is done
The round blue usurper gathering its strength
There is room for us here
There is time
And we are welcome.

By S. Elizabeth Snyder
Holy Lament member

Grief isn't an illness or mistake, it is a natural and sacred response to life’s inevitable losses. It is also a crucible for transformation. 

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