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The White Wicker Hamper shattering May 07, 2024

The White Wicker Hamper

Most would not notice this small square container for dirty clothes. This one is...

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Foxtails and Dandelions shattering Apr 29, 2024

Foxtails and Dandelions

May my broken heart find peace walking through a landmine of foxtails in the park...

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Bad News shattering Apr 23, 2024

Bad News

Blind sighted
by a life time of noble deeds
this blow to the soul
this tsunami to the landscape of...

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The Shattering from Within shattering Apr 17, 2024

The Shattering from Within

My first major loss or shattering of life did not have an obvious cause or...

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Shattering shattering Apr 17, 2024

Shattering. All is stripped away. Everything obliterated except my awareness, and even that is fogged in...

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Red, Hot Flames shattering Apr 17, 2024

Red, hot flames
The last time I saw you-
     was a mistake;
a picture fastidiously hidden...

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Meditation on a Solar Eclipse shattering Apr 08, 2024

Meditation on a Solar Eclipse
A Blessing for Holy Lament

Pinpoint of light
A tiny moon-shaped shadow of sun...

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Graveyard of Yesterdays shattering Apr 04, 2024

Graveyard of Yesterdays


I can never again be who I was,

crawling back to yesterday

yesterday is...

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‚ÄúTime with others willing to open their stories in collected writings is amazing. It allows sharing without ‚Äútoo much‚ÄĚ while we process our own grief and amplify understanding.‚ÄĚ

-Mary Louise M.

What is Threshold Transformations: 

A Holy Lament Blog?

Holy Lament is Wild Heart's ongoing grief community that explores 12 thresholds of grief as spiritual practice on the journey of loss and longing.

Holy Lament members receive weekly writing prompts from Mirabai Starr. Writing as spiritual practice is the alchemical fire that supports our broken-open hearts to be witnessed and held in the process of transformation.

Threshold Transformations is an invitation to Holy Lament members to more widely share glimpses from their journey. 

You are invited to bear witness with a compassionate heart.

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“My intent upon joining was to examine my life’s losses and properly grieve them. That goal has been met tenfold."

-Mary G.

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Remember what your soul has always known: that you belong to the human family, and loss is a shared reality. 

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